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Axeplode is back on the table

Hey ho everyone,

we are really happy to see so many people playing our game, almost 600 at this very moment. And we got a lot of feedback from you guys which helps us a lot to improve our game. So thank you very much.

With all the feedback we got from you in the comments, or by watching your videos on youtube, we finally decided to get Axeplode back on the table.

When we started working on Axeplode it was designed as a mobile game. Because of this there were many limitations, especially due to the touch controls. Most of all when a game becomes hectic and needs a precise control of your character. With all this in mind, we ended up with the current game, where you only have to tab or hold the finger in the direction you want to throw axes.

After releasing Axeplode on GameJolt we noticed that the most of you really like the idea, first of all the crazy setting with Herrmann and his precious little piggies. And you know what? We do to!

But let’s be honest. Axeplode has no real progression, you only can start a new game from the beginning over and over again. Furthermore the gaming sessions can take very long, it takes approximately 15 minutes to get to wave 20. And there is very few variety. These are the main points of criticism by you guys. And of course we knew this already ourselves. But we weren’t sure if it’s worth the time improving Axeplode, or even rework it with a new concept, especially with the PC as major plattform.

But after we have seen that many of you enjoying the game we are on fire to make more out of our mighty Herrmann and his beloved pigs.

As Piet mentioned before we are considering to let Herrmann jump of his piggie stack and let him move around, doing what he is best at – throwing axes. Piet (the artist) already started some concepts for more backgrounds, as you can see in this video.

I (Sascha, the programmer) will start working on a new prototyp with the new concept very soon and we would like to invite you to this journey to make Axeplode a (hopefully) great game for all of you. So let us know what you would like to see in an all new version of Axeplode.


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