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v0.9.2: Small update on Axeplode

Hey everybody,

we made a small update on Axeplode. The 32bit version is now available again.

  • Axes shouldn’t fly only to the right on the 32bit version anymore.
  • The “Axeplode Skill” can now be activated by pressing the right mouse button or space on the keyboard.
  • The fat goblins appear a little bit earlier than before.
  • The boss music should now end and the boss health bar disappear when the “Pig-O-Mat 2000” has been beaten.
  • Both bosses, the air ship and the “Pig-O-Mat 2000” have their health points doubled.

The are still two major bugs left. The game could end although there are pigs left and a pig could get stuck behind Herrmann making it impossible to lose the game. But we are working on it.

When these last bugs are fixed we will start working on a new, more improved version of Axeplode. Hooray!

You can download the current version on GameJolt

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